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John Lee Hooker

The harmonious collaboration of John Lee Hooker and Morris Kaplan was like any great spark…

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Rose Nelson

Detroit in the late 1940s was a city alive with music. The post-war boom was…

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Victor Newman

Here are some songs that Victor Newman worked on with Lovelane Music: You can listen…

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Jerry Jerome Murray (Jerry O)

In a harmonious collaboration, Lovelane Music and Jerry O, accompanied by the dynamic partnership of…

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Richard “Popcorn” Wylie

Birth name Richard Wayne Wylie Also known as Popcorn Wylie Born June 6, 1939Detroit, Michigan, U.S….

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“I Know A Place” by Conny Van Dyke in “Better Things”

We placed another music license for “I Know a Place,” performed by Conny Van Dyke…

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“POPCORN BOO-GA-LOO PART 2” by The Funk Brothers and Jerry O in “HACKS”

Jean Smart took home the Emmy for best actress in a comedy series for her…

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“Southside Saturday Night” by Candy Johnson in “American Horror Story Freak Show”

“Southside Saturday Night” by Candy Johnson – American Horror Story : Freak Show : Ep:…

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“Quiet Home” by The Seashells in “Black Lighting”

S3 · E8 · The Book of Resistance: Chapter Three: The Battle of Franklin Terrace…

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“Lonely Girl” by Rose Nelson in “Project Bluebook”

Project Blue Book : The Fuller Dogfight : History Channel – Song “Lonely Girl by…

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“Another Tear Must Fall” by The Seashells in “Bones”

Another Tear Must Fall by The Seashells featured in the film BONES starring Snoop Dogg…

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“Lazy Daisy Blues” by The Goldtones In “Cesar Chavez”

LIONSGATE film CESAR CHAVEZ featuring the song “Lazy Daisy Blues” by The Goldtones from Lovelane…

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