“Soul Sister” by Jerry O Murray in “Felicity”

“Felicity: Girlfight” (Season 3, Episode 12)

A pretty blonde girl named Avery is shot at Felicity’s party and Ben accompanies her in the ambulance. He watches her die in the ambulance and be brought back to life. Elena is also shot in the shoulder. Three months later, Noel is in a deep depression, Elena is coping by taking self-defense classes, and Avery reappears… offering expensive “thank you” gifts to Ben for saving her life. Felicity soon realizes these are more than thank you gifts. Avery has set her sights on Ben.

“Felicity: Back to the Future” (Season 4, Episode 22)
Devastated by a tragedy she believes is her fault, Felicity tries to make things right.

Author: lovelane