“I Know a Place” by Conny Van Dyke

This bubblegum pop beauty, “I Know a Place,” was written and performed by Conny Van Dyke. Music Video was created by Ron Cobert, with Conny Van Dyke played by Becca Nieman. Evan Camacho plays the love interest. Sammy Kaplan recorded Conny in 1962. The music is from the LOVELANE MUSIC GROUP catalog. Check us out at lovelanemusicgroup.com. Conny Van Dyke was born September 28, 1945, in Nassawadox, Virginia, to Benjamin and Charlotte Elizabeth Van Dyke. Van Dyke began as a songwriter and recording artist for Wheelsville Records in Detroit, Michigan. In 1960, Van Dyke entered and won the “Miss Teen USA” contest (sponsored by Teen magazine and unrelated to the current Miss Teen USA pageant).

She was signed to Motown Records in 1961, making her one of the first white recording artists for the label. Her only Motown release appeared in early 1963 and featured the song “It Hurt Me Too” (previously issued by Marvin Gaye) b/w “Oh Freddy” written by Smokey Robinson. In 1962. Conny’s parents introduced Conny to Sammy Kaplan, and Sammy produced “I Know a Place.” As Sammy remembers, he knew she was destined to head to Hollywood to star in film and TV. She was already on a fast track to fame.

Conny was cast in Hell’s Angels ’69 with Tom Stern, Jeremy Slate, and several Hells Angels motorcycle club members. Her only sibling, Benjamin Van Dyke III, was killed in an auto accident near Salinas, CA, in 1969. Shortly after Hell’s Angels ’69, she married Robert Page and gave birth to her only son, Bronson Page. She continued to pursue recording and released a self-titled album in 1972. She co-starred in W.W. and the Dixie Dancekings in 1975 with Burt Reynolds. Another album, “Conny Van Dyke Sings For You,” followed the film. In 1975, she co-starred in Framed with Joe Don Baker. We placed the song in FX’s “Better Things” and Roger Corman’s “DEATH RACE 2050.”

Here are the lyrics for “I Know a Place,” written and performed by Conny Van Dyke.

I know a place, I know a place.
I know a place we can go.
And I think, and I think that I’m
I’m gonna let you know.
Where you can take my hand
And you’d never be afraid.
It’s a great great land
Just for you and I, it’s made I’m glad.
Aren’t you glad
Aren’t you glad you came with me?
Now, now you know, you can let it be
Why you should take my hand.
And never be afraid,
It’s a great great land
Just for you and I.
It’s made, Oh baby, I.
Oh baby, I’ve been.
I’m in love with you.
But do you think…
Ah, do you think you can learn to love me too?
Oh why you should take my hand
And never be afraid,
It’s a great great land
Just for you and I. It’s made.
We’ll know a place.
We’ll know a place.
We’ll know a place we can go.
Oh we’ll know a place. Know a place.
Where we can let our love show.

Author: lovelane