Sammy Kaplan

Sammy Kaplan, a true embodiment of Detroit’s R&B, blues, and funk, is a multifaceted talent in the music industry as a promoter, songwriter, music producer, and music publisher. Born into a music loving family, Sammy’s journey into the world of music was destined from the start. His father, Morris Kaplan, laid the foundation by establishing Danceland Records in the late 1940s, and Sammy, driven by his passion, followed suit with unmatched enthusiasm.

In the vibrant era of the 1950s, when the music scene was thriving, Sammy seized the opportunity to immerse himself in the budding industry. Armed with his natural charisma, he wasted no time making his mark. Sammy’s hunger for music was undeniable; he saw it as the most exciting thing happening at the time. With concerts and new acts buzzing and radio DJs inundated with requests, Sammy thrived amidst the excitement.

Paradise Valley and Hastings Black Bottom, the heart of Detroit’s music scene, became Sammy’s stomping grounds. As a natural hustler, he quickly established himself as a prominent promoter in the industry. Every big act that made its way to Detroit found its path crossing with Sammy Kaplan. As the city flourished, Sammy’s determination remained unshakeable.

However, as the 1960s dawned, the race riots escalated, posing significant challenges for the music industry and the city. Yet, despite the turmoil, Sammy’s spirit remained unbreakable. He could be seen cruising around in a convertible Cadillac, accompanied by Candy Johnson, unfazed by societal judgments. Candy was black, and Sammy white. They did get the looks, shouts, and occasional objects thrown at them. Sammy’s commitment to working with the black populace reflected his passion for funk, soul, doo-wop, rhythm, and blues. His belief in the power of collaboration with the talent in his pool was unwavering.

With the establishment of Lovelane Music, Sammy Kaplan’s legacy truly took flight. The initial artist and writer roster of Lovelane Music boasted an impressive lineup featuring iconic names like John Lee Hooker, Candy Johnson, Tony Blues Lewis, Tommy J. Jefferson, Rose Nelson, Morris Kaplan, Jerry O, Mitch Ryder, The Sea Shells, The Soulmates, Tom & Jerry O, Roy Cohen, Tom Moers, Barbara Lewis, Jimmy Fallon, Gerald Alston, Joe Farrell, and Richard “Popcorn” Wylie. In addition, the recording of the original Funk Brothers, including James Jamison, Bennie Benjamin, Robert White, Eddie Bongo Brown, and Jack Ashford, contributed their exceptional talent to Lovelane Music’s demos and records.
Through Lovelane Music Publishing, Sammy Kaplan demonstrated his unwavering commitment to preserving the distinct sound of Detroit and Los Angeles. This dedication to nurturing and promoting the music that defined these cities solidified his career path.

Sammy Kaplan’s remarkable journey as a promoter, songwriter, music producer, and music publisher showcases his deep love for music and his relentless pursuit of capturing the essence of Detroit R&B, blues, and funk. With his boundless energy, connections, and passion, Sammy leaves an indelible mark on the music industry, forever celebrating the unique sounds that define his beloved cities.

Author: lovelane