Morris “Moshe” Kaplan

Morris Kaplan, also known as Moshe or Emkay, had ties to the clubs where some of the best black performers of the time played. He saw an opportunity to break away from the heat and grind of normalcy and pursue a new career in music. Moshe realized he could discover and record new music talent. The goal was national radio. This decision would distance him from the dangerous city elements and provide a fresh start.

Moshe started in 1948 with a Webster-Chicago Model 7 wire recorder and a Wilcox recording of John Lee Hooker, Rose Nelson, Tony Blues Lewis, Candy Johnson, and The Goldtones, the artists he knew from the club, anywhere, in his home basement, or from his car. Danceland Records was established from these recordings, and the sound of Boogaloo music emerged. Moshe’s recordings captured the musicians’ and singers’ raw energy and spirit, creating a new sound influenced many other artists.

Moshe continued to record many other artists throughout his career, including Jerry O, Mitch Ryder, The Sea Shells, The Soulmates, Tom & Jerry O, Roy Cohen, Tom Moers, Barbara Lewis, Jimmy Fallon, Gerald Alston, Joe Farrell, and Richard “Popcorn” Wylie. He also worked with the famous Funk Brothers, a group of session musicians who played on many Motown hits. These recordings helped to cement Moshe’s reputation as a talented producer and recording engineer.

Inspired by his love of music, Sammy Kaplan, his son, worked alongside him. Then, in 1962, Samuel “Sammy” Kaplan ventured on his own, worked as a promoter, and started Lovelane Music.

Author: lovelane